01. Many police forces all over the world use [torture] to get information from suspected criminals.
02. South African activist Steven Biko was [tortured] to death by the police while in jail.
03. It was pure [torture] for Betty to make chocolate chip cookies for her son's class while trying to stick to her diet.
04. Waiting to find out if he had been accepted into the university he wanted was [torture] for Lawrence.
05. Security forces [tortured] and murdered hundreds of people in Chile during the regime of President Augusto Pinochet.
06. Two hundred years ago, it was considered acceptable to [torture] suspected criminals in order to obtain a confession.
07. Opposition members claim their supporters have been found murdered, their bodies bearing the evidence of [torture].
08. Henrik Ibsen once joked, "It is inexcusable for scientists to [torture] animals; let them make their experiments on journalists and politicians."
09. Because of his theories regarding the universe, Galileo was imprisoned and threatened with [torture].
10. My children often like to [torture] me by playing their rap music in the house.
11. Gandhi once said, "You can chain me, you can [torture] me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind."
12. In ancient China, silk-making was a secret art, and anyone who revealed the secret was punished by being [tortured] to death.
13. Someone once suggested that the language of Madagascar is a joy to listen to, but [torture] to pronounce.
14. In Kuwait, free clinics have been set up to offer medical and emotional support to people who were [tortured] or traumatized during the recent Gulf War.
15. The human rights organization Amnesty International has expressed concern about the continued use of [torture] and executions by the government and various rebel armies in Chad.
16. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that no one shall be subjected to [torture] or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
17. The gatehouse at Hever Castle contains a frightening collection of [torture] instruments, including axes used for beheading prisoners.

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